Dominican ultra-distance swimmer in open waters, Marcos Diaz is the first and only swimmer that has united all five continents in the world by swimming.

Marcos was born in January 12, 1975 in Santo Domingo, as a child he was diagnosed with chronic asthma. At the age of 6 he began swimming advised by his doctors as a way to fight his condition. Destiny was outlined. Through this sport he discovered how to handle adversities and self-improvements. He found in open water swimming a way to combine his love for the sea and his passion for long lasting and endurance sports. Marcos would cease to be an infant with poor health; to become one of the most outstanding athletes of our times.

Journeys and Competencies

Personal Information

Name: Marcos Díaz

Birth Date: January 12, 1975

Place of birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Nationality: Dominican

Sport: Ultra Distance Open Water Swimming

Coach: Augusto García

Other Sports: Surfing/ Free Diving/ Paddleboarding

Height: 5 feet, 8.5 inches

Weight: 155 pounds

Resting pulse: 34 pulsations per minute

Iron heart athlete, supportive and committed man that associates each one of his journeys with a social cause. And he delivers.

Pushing the limits of human capacity and taking his sports career to the highest level, Marcos is one of the few distance open water swimmers of the world that has successfully combined his presence in the most prestigious professional competitions of this sport on an international level with stunning solo crossings that would be unimaginable for many. To Swim a total of 22 hours nonstop when he executed two complete swims around Manhattan island in New York, or to crown himself as champion taking the first place in one of the longest competitions worldwide, river Bhagirathi in India with a total of 81 kilometers.

Inspiring in each one of his strokes, in 2010 he got the world to praise the motto "I swim with Marcos" to support the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. With four journeys by swimming he unified the five continents around the world while fulfilling an extensive agenda of social work in which he touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. This made him worthy of the Man of the Year Award from the World Open Water Swimming Association given during the Global Open Water Swimming Conference in 2011, beside he was nominated for the prestigious prize Prince of Asturias of the Sports in Spain.

Pride of the Dominicans and of the world, inside and out of the water he shows that there are no limits and that he is capable of joining willpowers. The recognitions have been with him throughout his whole career, presently he is serving as a Good Will Ambassador for the Development Program of the United Nations (PNUD-RD) and since 2005 was granted diplomatic status by the Dominican government, as a Good Will Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the world for his outstanding sports career, his humanitarian role and being a worthy promoter of his country both inside and out of the sports area.

Academic Information

Elementary and High School: High School Diploma, Colegio Dominicano La Salle, Class of 1992. .

University: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, INTEC University, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Master's Degree in Marketing, INTEC University. Internship in Business, New York, USA.

Marcos is a dreamer that makes us dream, an athlete that has placed his discipline in people's imaginations and a human being able to focus on his goals without letting anything get on his way. From an early age, he knew that everything meant an effort. A spirit, that he has carried with him to each victoriously competition that he has won, and has impregnated to these journeys that allowed him to swim twice around Manhattan Island, join in a round trip the  Strait of Gibraltar or being the first Dominican in crossing the English Channel. The list of accomplishments is long and defines him as an elite athlete. But if something remains in the heart of those who know him is his broad capacity of believing that everything is possible. And it is.


Marcos has received numerous national and international recognitions, amongst which can be named:

Man of the Year award from the World Open Water Swimming Association 2010, given during the Global Open Water Swimming Conference in 2011. New York.

Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program (PNUD-RD).

Order of Merit Duarte, Sanchez and Mella (The highest distinction that can be conferred to a citizen in the Dominican Republic).)

Man of the Year 2006. (Under a national survey done by Diario Libre)

Honorary Good Will Ambassador of the Dominican Republic. .

Designated an Illustrious son of the city of Santo Domingo.

Grand National Youth Award. (Two consecutive years).

Key holder of the city of Santo Domingo East.

Recognition by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Dominican Republic.

Other national and international recognitions.

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